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Polkadot Shroom Gummies Chocolate Edibles

In recent times, polka dot gummies are rapidly becoming the hottest new trend in the world of micro dosing. Polkadot brand has a variety of interesting products ranging from polka dot shroom bars, polka dot gummies, polkadot edibles, polka dot shroom syrup just to name a few.  Mushroom gummies are just like any other gummy vitamin varieties.  Polka dot shroom edibles are a delicious form of dietary supplement, with a mix of different psychedelic nutrients and ingredients blended together into a convenient, chewable and sweet gummy treat. However, Polka dot gummies are a bit different from your typical gummy vitamin. Instead of packing primarily vitamins and minerals, they include a mix of medicinal mushrooms. Made with concentrated mushroom powders as well as mushroom extracts, it’s all of the same benefits you’d get from eating polkadot chocolate mushrooms, but in an easy-to-consume format. And polka dot shroom bars can contain anywhere from one mushroom variety to a whole bunch. Inside a polkadot shroom gummy, you’re likely to find fungi like:

  • Maitake
  • Chaga
  • Reishi
  • Lion’s mane
  • Royal sun
  • White button
  • Shiitake
  • Cordyceps
  • Turkey tail

Really, any mushroom with functional benefits – or health boosting perks can be usually included in a polka dot shroom gummies supplement. They are designed to be more convenient than eating a plate full of mushrooms, condensing these beneficial fungi into a smaller package that requires no cooking or prep. Polkadot Shroom Gummies Chocolate

Benefits of Polka dot Chocolate Edibles

Polka dot chocolate edibles supplements are made with functional magic mushrooms. They’re rich in beneficial nutrients. These polka dot shroom bars  varieties feature potent combinations of natural compounds that can increase energy, improve or enhance immune system function and achieve a better night rest and that’s just a few examples of what they can offer. These polkadot chocolate have also been found to potentially increase energy levels and reduce fatigue. This  mushroom chocolate ingredients each provide a different health and wellness benefits. Some mushroom gummies like polka dot chocolate edibles help enhance your immune system, giving it a protective or supportive boost. They can also help increase your energy levels on a daily basis, thereby very advantageous for athletic recovery, providing extra nutrients that the body needs after tough workouts.


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